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Number of Corona Virus Deaths in Victoria Increased By 25, as Premier Daniel Andrews Warned of “Very Difficult” Days to Come

282 new cases of coronavirus and 25 deaths were recorded by Victoria, the most deadly day since the onset of the pandemic. Premier Andrews reported that the epidemic of elderly care was linked to 22 of 25 deaths.
Today’s deaths include a man in his sixties, four women and three men in their seventies, six women and four men in their eighties, and four women and three men in their 90s. The previous highest single-day death toll from coronavirus recorded in Victoria was 21, recorded last Wednesday.
But in a sign of hope, today was the second day in a row that the number of new cases was less than 300. There’s reason to be positive about the future, but we can’t encourage anything to go on with the feeling of satisfaction,” Andrews said.
At Hambleton House, a subsidized residential service in inner southern Melbourne, at least 15 people have tested positive for coronavirus and all residents are considered to be in close contact. Today Premier Andrews took up reports that residents were leaving the facility in Albert Park. He said the police are now at the site and 10 residents have been moved to other facilities, and 12 more will be transferred today.
My last piece of advice was that the site was the subject of considerable concern and every attempt was made to try to bring a sense of control to it and to ensure that people were not only properly taken care of, but that their treatment and actions had no adverse effects on public health.
Additional funding for domestic violence, with reduced reporting during the lockdown
Minister of Domestic Violence Prevention Gabrielle Williams has proposed an investment of $20.4 million to help programs combating domestic abuse offenders. She said, this initiative would primarily include more perpetrators of domestic violence in alternative housing, helping victims of domestic violence, so they can stay safe in their homes.
Williams said there has been a rise in domestic abuse in times of crisis and tragedy, and the men’s referral service has seen an 11 percent spike in demand in the past four weeks, relative to the same time last year. But it also said that during the coronavirus lockdowns there was a decrease in the number of people reporting domestic violence.
This isn’t unexpected, she said, in part because when you’re restricted to your home, there’s limited access to assistance. It is completely legitimate to leave when you have a domestic assault when you’re not safe at home, and there is no penalty to go.
Yesterday Victoria recorded 279 new cases of coronavirus and 16 deaths, bringing the number of deaths due to Covid-19 in the state to more than 300.
Andrews has again appealed to Victoria residents to get tested, saying that there is “every chance” that even mild symptoms could be coronavirus because this year in Victoria there are very few cases of flu due to social distancing and improved hand hygiene.