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Nine New Cases of COVID-19 Recorded in NSW, 40,000 Tests Conducted on Christmas Day

NSW Health investigates a newly reported Covid-19 infection after a Sydneysider from Bondi – including no connections to the Northern Beaches cluster – inquired positive to the coronavirus.
Nine new locally acquired COVID-19 cases were reported across the state after Christmas on Saturday. Approximately 40,000 people went for a COVID-19 test on Christmas Day.
Eight were connected to the Avalon cluster, which now sits at 116 cases, and the left contamination continues under investigation.
The number of overall cases connected to the Avalon cluster is now 116.
There are also 6 cases of coronavirus in returned travellers, and all of them are currently in quarantine in the hotel.
In a statement, NSW Health said, “eight of the regionally acquired COVID-19 cases are connected to the Avalon cluster.”
NSW Health said, “investigations continue into the source of the Avalon cluster, that is now numbers 116. The source of the other locally acquired case remains under investigation.”
NSW Chief Health Officer Dr Kerry Chant said, “We are taking every precautionary approach very seriously.”
“We are relying on repeat testing and serological testing on that case turning negative. We are identifying at whether recorded cases could be old COVID-19 case or false-positive case. ”
It comes after police from the NSW civil order, and riot squad were asked to help split up a large gathering at nearby Bronte Beach on Christmas afternoon.
Brad Hazzard, the health Minister, slammed the group for not worrying about the rest of Sydney – people who have been following the COVID-19 restrictions.
Brad Hazzard said at Saturday’s press conference, “citizens on the Northern Beaches have been doing their job to provide not only themselves safe, but also the rest of Sydney safe.”
“It is shocking to see what was a group of people or a huge gathering of people who did not give a damn of the rest of Sydney,” he said.
Brad Hazzard said, “I am hoping that event will not grow a COVID-19 super spreader event. But it has all chance that it could be.”
Approx 39,133 tests were conducted on Christmas Day, compared to a record 69,809 on Christmas Eve.