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Next Month, Victoria Could Remove The Steel Border Ring Around Melbourne, Daniel Andrews Says

The hard border dividing Melbourne from the lower coronavirus transmitting communities in metropolitan Victoria could be eliminated at some stage in November, Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews said. I hope we can get to that point in the next month, during November, Mr. Andrews said. At his daily press conference, the Premier made the announcement after the state reported a possible “day of zero” cases and the quarterly daily average in Melbourne fell to 6.4 cases.
Mr. Andrews said that provincial Victorians needed to meet the Melbournians again. There are many, many people who desperately want to see the people they love the most, and then there are plenty of other causes, “he said,” for work, for economic reasons. We like to provide bookings for those area tourism companies.
They want to visit the Melbournians again, but they want it when it’s safe, and unfortunately, I can’t announce precisely when it will be today. He said that next month he wanted to abolish the border in order for families to spend Christmas together.
We are both working for a normal Christmas with COVID, he added.
In my judgment, Christmas, definitely as a target, is for families to be able to come together and enjoy as close to normal as possible the day and the date surrounding it, and it would probably entail some greater freedom of travel.
When the boundary was torn down, the Premier said there was not a fixed number that would cause it. The passing of time, “said Mr. Andrews,” is quite significant.
He said the closest Melbourne could get to metropolitan Victoria, the lower the chance of coronavirus spreading beyond the city as soon as the state reopened, in terms of transmission levels of the virus.
Mr. Andrews said he was unable to give a date when the boundary would be demolished, but said he would remove it when it was secure.
Mr. Andrews warned the Victorians to comply with the constraints over the coming AFL grand final long weekend that any deviations were liable to significant fines.
The fines are large, “he said,” and the police are not mucking with it.
Checkpoints are everywhere, they will dissuade you.
He said it was also necessary for Melbournians and regional Victorians to remain independent, with very different case numbers at the moment.