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New South Wales Recorded 8 New Cases, Raising Concern of Eased COVID-19 Restrictions for Christmas

New South Wales coronavirus outbreak has grown by eight new coronavirus cases. Seven of them are related to Avalon cluster on Sydney’s northern beaches. And the eighth positive case of coronavirus is a nurse who is involved in the transfer of patients from the international airport.
Until 8 PM last night total COVID-19 positive cases were reached to eight.
NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian told reporters on Tuesday; there are now 90 COVID-19 cases connected to the Northern Beaches cluster, as 44,446 people over the state came ahead for testing in another record day.
NSW Premier Berejiklian thanked citizens for their acknowledgement so far but said “it is too early to say whether coronavirus restrictions in place across Sydney will be lifted before Christmas Eve. I know it would be a tough time for some citizens if they had to spend the Christmas eve alone.”
She said, “If it were not Christmas time of year, then the decision on COVID-19 restrictions would be much easier.”
She said, “we need to consider what people are going through as part of that decision, we have to consider mental health issues, as well we have to acknowledge what it means for our eight million citizens over the state.”
“We will take the fittest advice possible at that time, and we will base our judgment on that best data we have as at tomorrow,” said Berejiklian.
Chief Health Officer Dr Kerry Chant said, “healthcare worker case has transported several patients, but we have found that they also have transferred positive coronavirus cases.”
She said, “We are doing urgent genome sequencing for verifying that is the source of their infection, and those results will come later today.”
Dr Chant said, close contact of this healthcare worker also tested last night and found COVID-19 positive.
Dr Chant asked the people to stay up to date with COVID-19 warnings. State health authorities have passed alerts for approx 50 new venues where a coronavirus positive case may have visited while probably contagious.