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Mask Rules Reviewed For Victoria As COVID Cases Spike

A high rise in the number of COVID cases in Melbourne and Victoria have pushed the authorities to review the outstanding mask rules. Here’s everything you need to know.

The Health Minister of Victoria, Martin Foley has confirmed that new mask rules will be imposed in Victoria as a record number of cases entered the directory on Tuesday. Shops, retail spaces, and markets will still be areas where masks are mandatory. However, closed events, family gatherings, funerals, wedding ceremonies, etc. are exempted from the new mask regulations.

Customers were not allowed into retail spaces if they were not vaccinated before. However, this is about to change for the state. With beauty salons and hair services as an exemption, the mandatory status of the vaccination has been lifted from Victoria. Real estate, and as mentioned earlier, closed gatherings, are also exempted from the mandatory vaccination rule. If there is a third party involved in terms of hospitality, the case may be different though. As far as public eating spaces are concerned, masks are still compulsory for customers and the staff are not allowed to work without them.

All of these changes have come as a reaction to the Omicron variant which has been raising alarms amongst the Victorians. Hospitalisations have been rising and it is certainly a cause for concern, especially for those who are not vaccinated. The Health authorities are doing their best to raise awareness.

Another slight change worthy of mentioning here is that public spaces such as cinemas, gyms, and offices were earlier required to get a deep cleaning between users. This rule has now been lifted as well. Health officers have commented that more data and knowledge about the Omicron variant are required to make more concrete decisions.

Victoria’s COVID cases stand at 1405 new cases until midnight on Tuesday within a span of 24 hours. Three new deaths have also been recorded due to this. More than 92% of the Victorians above 12 years are vaccinated. The number of Omicron cases stand at 10 as we speak.