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Liberal National Party promise millions to boost regional jobs ahead Queensland elections

Labor and Liberal National Party Promise Millions to Boost Regional Jobs Ahead of the Queensland Elections

In North Queensland, both labor and LNP leaders today campaigned to pledge multi-million dollar projects to raise rural employment ahead of the state election on October 31.
For three years, Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk promised $100 million to upgrade Tertiary and Further Education (TAFE) centres across the province, while Opposition leader Deb Frecklington said a $20 million vessel lift for the Cairns maritime industry will be sponsored by the LNP administration.
Speaking in Townsville, where Labor is defending three marginal seats, Ms Palaszczuk said that the extra support from TAFE will be used to ensure that skills training in the regions met demand.
So here [in Townsville], for example, we’re going to spend $14.2 million in a new training centre for hydrogen and clean energy, she said.
It was a former Labor Government that established in this state the LNG [Liquified Natural Gas] industry, which brought billions of dollars into the venture in that industry, with the very same opportunity for hydrogen.
Cyber defence, robotics, engineering, agriculture and nursing / allied health are other skills targeted under Labor’s Equipping TAFE for Our Future strategy.
There is an opportunity here in each of our provinces, right through our province, to ensure that we connect the expertise with the positions that are expected for the future, the Premier said.
Labor has already spent $150 million over five years in Queensland TAFE facilities. Treasurer Cameron Dick said the policies of Labor were in contrast to the opposition of the LNP.
She cut $170 million from the TAFE scheme in Queensland while Deb Frecklington was the assistant treasurer, 1,700 TAFE jobs were scrapped and, of course, TAFE attendance figures … fell by 50,000, he added.
Ms. Frecklington was in Cairns today, where, in this month’s contest, the LNP is seeking two marginal Labor seats. She said that by constructing the largest ship-lift in northern Australia, the LNP would supercharge the city’s marine industry, helping Cairns beat Darwin in the fight for new employment in the security and maritime industries.
The latest “synchro-lift” will allow the Cairns maritime industry the capacity to lift up to 5,000 tonnes of boats, which can only lift up to 1,120 tonnes at the moment.
Ms Frecklington said, The LNP will make sure that Cairns will be a coastal security centre for northern Australia.
The LNP alone has a strategy to bring Queensland out of this recession, and that is to create stable long-term jobs. The Prime Minister entered the state election campaign via a Sydney radio interview this morning, unable to come to Queensland because of COVID boundary restrictions.
By insisting on strict border controls during the COVID-19 pandemic, Scott Morrison challenged the Labor Premier’s devotion to job growth.
Being all about work means that, like New South Wales Premier Gladys Berejiklian, you’ve got to weigh the threats you face. They basically manage to hold cases to an extremely low level, they do a fantastic job with their regime of monitoring and tracing … coping with infections, opening up New South Wales.