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In the Twilight Event, Coronavirus Forces Adelaide Christmas Contest To Switch From CBD To Adelaide Oval

The most-attended show will continue in Australia despite the coronavirus pandemic, but very different than usual.
The Adelaide Christmas Pageant Contest will take place on the evening of Saturday 14th November in the Adelaide Oval. It will feature up to 25,000 people, depending on venue negotiations with SA Health, instead of the 300,000 people who typically attend the daytime event as it parades along major CBD routes.
Premier Steven Marshall said that going forward with the competition would bring “a lot of comfort from all over South Australia”. It will be different from other years, but it will go forward, he said.
The good news is that we will have an exceptional guest in South Australia who is Father Christmas to accompany us at the end of the broadcast.
The attendees will be chosen by ballot and the competition will be broadcast live on television.
Marshall said, We made an arrangement with SA Health to raise the attendance to 25,000 [attendees], but we’re still a long way from November 14.
But if we in South Australia continue to do well, then I’m sure that the partnership we have with SA Health and Adelaide Oval would ensure we will hit the full number.
Pageant director Brian Gilbertson said Father Christmas got a pass to enter South Australia from the North Pole, as did the Easter Bunny in April.
It’s an interesting year, and it’s been a difficult year, Gilbertson said, but we want to end the year with a celebration like we do every year with the competition before Christmas.
But what we can tell is that Father Christmas got his permit. He is coming to South Australia and we’ll enjoy it a lot. Gilbertson said it would be the first time the competition had been held as a twilight event or on the scene since its inception in 1933.
Encourage kids to paint with chalk at their doorways, rather than city streets, for Father Christmas. The Christmas contest last year was also different than normal and finished at Adelaide Town Hall instead of North Terrace.
There are no cases of coronavirus in South Australia. The last positive case was on Tuesday of a traveler from South Africa on her way to New South Wales.