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I would rest than travel during the pandemic, said Nick Kyrgios

Nick Kyrgios is ready for the next extended work on the sidelines, stating he would not force himself to go overseas and perform under strict restrictions this year as the pandemic goes on.

The 25-year-old player returned at the Australian Open after more than a year out of the competition and showed he can still fight with the top in a tough five-set, third-round loss to US Open champion Dominic Thiem. He enjoyed the opportunity to play in front of electric crowds on the large stage, but he is set he will not miss tennis if he remains out again.

Kyrgios, who has been strongly critical of Novak Djokovic and another star performing at specific events throughout the pandemic, is uncertain what his sporting future stays.

Kyrgios said soon after his loss to world number three Thiem on Friday night, “I do not understand, man, I can grow like the wind. I’m not too assured.” He said, “I am not forcing myself to go to restricted places and isolate or quarantine for a week and perform with no person; that is simply not me.”

Kyrgios said, “I do not think it is correct. I am not forcing myself to play.”

“I believe in myself, and I am right there,” Nick Kyrgios said, noting he still is not at his peak fitness and form levels after so long out of the game.

“I understood now I had an absolute fight chance.”

“I walked in there awaiting to win; that is how I regularly go into a match, but he steadied the ship well, and that is why he is excellent.”

The immensely skilled Kyrgios has frequently been accused of not caring enough of the sport and giving up too easily during a career under an intense spotlight.

Kyrgios said, “I have got a big heart. I am very happy with how I played.”

Kyrgios said, “I lost that match, but I was not upset or sad; I was happy and smiling. I am not a jealous person, so I live on tomorrow. “