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Melbourne - Might have recorded First Omicron Case

High Chances That Melbourne May Have Recorded Its First Omicron Case

Tracing it back to the Sydney Harbour event that has been deemed to be a super spreader for the Omicron variant of the COVID-19, 5 people in Melbourne have been tested positive and two of these may have the Omicron variant.

Another person, a woman from the Netherlands who has traveled from Abu Dhabi to Melbourne may also be infected with the variant. Tests are ongoing to determine the strain as we speak. All the cases mentioned above, in total 6, are in isolated quarantines. People have started taking precautions again as past reminders of a strict lockdown haunt them.

The biggest concern surrounding the Omicron variant is that it may be more infectious than its predecessors and may also find a way around the vaccine. If so, the world could suffer a complete blow to the vaccination efforts in the past. Scientists recognize the dangers surrounding the Omicron and have advised the masses to take strict measures to avoid public spaces.

New South Wales has more than 30 recorded cases of Omicron as of now. The super spreader boat event in the Sydney Harbour had around 140 attendees and the authorities are finding ways to contact each and every one of them. The state has advised the public to get tested as soon as possible.

Parties, events, and end-of-year celebrations are the top reason behind the rapidly growing number of cases in Sydney in particular and NSW in general. Melbourne may have recorded its first Omicron case but earlier strain infections are still around. In NSW, the cases tally stands at around 400 per day.

The lockdowns in Australia have been pretty strict as compared to countries such as the USA or Brazil. The results have undoubtedly been positive in terms of a lower rate of severe infections and deaths. There is always the possibility of looking at the glass half empty but the fact remains that isolation, wearing masks, avoiding crowded spaces, and washing of hands are extremely effective in curbing any variant of the notorious COVID-19.