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Global School Strike Resume for Climate Change Movement

Global School Strike Resume For Climate Change Movement

Students from schools in cities around the country are back in Parliament offices, on a climate change action strike.
It appears that the resumption of global protests through local constraints is expected following the momentum of the strikes interrupted in April due to COVID-19. For example, the demonstrations in Canada are all online.
Fridays for the Future, made popular by Greta Thunberg, estimates that currently there are more than 3,000 scheduled strikes globally, most of which are centered in the United States, Europe and India.
Thunberg is expected to join the strike in the Swedish parliament later in the day.
The 17-year-old environmental activist said in a tweet on Twitter that the protesters would return “next week, next month and next year. As long as it takes.”
An estimated 300,000 people in Australia took part in the global climate strike last year.
More than 500 events are expected to take place across the country today, organizers of the Australian protests said.

Climate Change Movement started in Sydney

In Sydney, COVID-19 restrictions on gathering at Martin Place have been restricted to only 20 school students and a few speakers.
The group brought in 100 banners hung across the washing lines to represent the students who were unable to attend.
The Sydney rally focused on the government’s call not to go ahead with plans to build new gas power plants.
Natasha, a 10th grader, said she was a young woman living in western Sydney, already affected by climate change.
We have to acknowledge that the climate crisis will affect some more than others, especially the less fortunate regions and groups of marginalized people, she said.
Summer temperatures here are near unlivable levels, with Penrith days approaching 50 degrees Celsius.
There is a huge bush right behind my house, during the bushfire season I didn’t know what was going to happen, I didn’t know if I was safe and I was afraid.
The anxiety this crisis has caused is irreversible and will only get worse if we do not take meaningful climate action now.