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Jesse Hogan accused for breaking quarantine rules

Fremantle Dockers Striker Jesse Hogan Accused for Breaking Quarantine Rules in Western Australia

After Jesse Hogan allegedly allowed a woman to reach his home during a compulsory 14-day self-quarantine period, Fremantle Dockers submitted that he had been charged with violating WA’s strict coronavirus quarantine legislation. The Dockers said that Hogan had reported to the police that last Tuesday night, he had a female visitor come to his house.
A statement was released by WA Police that they accused a 25-year-old man from the Attadale of violating self-quarantine requirements. The man returned to WA on 21 September 2020 and was needed to self-quarantine at his home for 14 days under the Emergency Management Act, 2005, expiring at midnight on 5 October 2020, the statement said.
On 22 September 2020, it is alleged that he violated such conditions when he allowed a woman to access his home twice.
For the rest of his quarantine time, police said he had been transferred to a Perth hotel. He has been convicted of two counts of failure to comply with a direction and will be called before a judge to appear.
Only one day after the Dockers returned to Perth, the suspected violation took place. The WA Government made allowances for the quarantine of AFL players in their own homes, rather than in hotels.
They were, however, subject to strict guidelines, which included only engaging for 15 minutes a day with other members of the family, and only leaving their home to practice at the club.

Dockers suggest players are ‘well informed’ of the rules

Simon Garlick, chief executive of Dockers, said the violation was’ disappointing and extremely irritating.’ Our players and workers are all well aware of the limitations they are all expected to comply with whilst in quarantine and the greater responsibility the club has to the community to do so, he said.
Throughout the year, we partnered very closely and successfully with the WA Police, the State Government and the AFL, which gave us the chance to complete our AFL season.
We can not take for granted the support and understanding we have earned from both sides since the season. Which makes the failure even more disappointing and extremely stressful.
Before deciding the club-imposed punishment he will pay, we will wait for Jesse to complete his hotel quarantine.
In the meantime, we will reiterate the value of strict obedience to their quarantine procedures for all quarantined players and personnel.
Earlier this year, after a video emerged of them seemingly attending a house party, just hours before the WA Government raised the number of persons required at social events, police cleared Dockers trio Jason Carter, Luke Ryan, and Michael Frederick of breaking social distancing laws.
Carter and Ryan were fined by the club for the incident.