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Federal Treasurer Josh Frydenberg Accuses Mr. Daniel of ‘biggest public failure’

Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews has urged all political leaders, including Josh Frydenberg, to quit “doing politics” with COVID-19.
The appeal comes after the Treasurer, appearing on several shows, made the breakfast TV rounds to address the state’s coronavirus outbreak and its economic impacts.
Josh Frydenberg compared the situation to a “car accident” and urged a clear road map to get out of the restrictions. Premier Daniel Andrews was asked about his response to his daily press conference.
“I’m not here to argue with Josh Frydenberg. I don’t have time to argue with him or debate. I’m focused so hard on getting the job done,” said Mr. Andrews. I’ve just made the point I made yesterday-none of us has the privilege of doing this stuff in politics.
Our country and state deserve the support of all representatives of all political beliefs. That’s what I am doing and that’s what I’m going to continue doing. I’m not interested in getting into an argument or a fight with anyone other than this sinister Coronavirus, or something else.
The Morrison government has stepped up pressure on Andrews to announce the number of cases low enough to reopen the economy and “manage the virus”.
What we need to hear from Daniel Andrews is-what amount of new cases in Victoria is sufficient for unlocking Phase 4 restrictions? Just two weeks remaining, said Josh Frydenberg.
“The mental health effects are enormous. I mean, kids don’t see their friends.
“Grandparents don’t see their grandchildren. Families can’t go to work. Businesses are closed. We are subject to a curfew in Victoria. You can’t move more than 5 kilometers from your home. The damage is massive. However, the Premier has not provided a roadmap.”
The Morrison government insists that other states have “managed the virus” and that Victoria’s hotel quarantine program is responsible for the second wave in the state.
Citing new figures that reveal it is crashing the economy as spending in the state falls by more than 30 percent, Josh Frydenberg said 400,000 people have joined the state’s unemployment queues.
Now, if those Australian Treasury figures are not enough to present the economic plan of Daniel Andrews to get Victoria out of Stage 4 restrictions-I doesn’t know what will happen, Friedenberg said.