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Facebook Blocks Australians From Sharing or Viewing The News

Facebook has arisen through its warning to ban Australians from posting or seeing news content on its site in reply to the federal government’s news media code.

Facebook on Wednesday said that Australia would no longer get news on the social media app. On Thursday, Australians find the Facebook pages of all global and local news sites were not available. Many emergencies, government health, and other pages were also blocked.

Australia’s government said the limitation endangered the “credibility” of Facebook.

People residing outside Australia cannot access or read any Australian news publications on the social media platform. This move of Facebook’s is in response to Australia’s recommended law, making tech giants spend on news content. This ban has caused an immediate backlash; many Australians are angry about their loss of access to authoritative and trusted sources.

Few people said that through Facebook, they used to receive emergency news updates about the national disaster and pandemic situations.

Managing director of The tech giant’s Australian and New Zealand, Will Easton, said this would block Australian publishers’ connections from being posted. In contrast, no Australian users would see or share any content from the news outlets, both international and Australian.

“The recommended law fundamentally confuses the connection between our platform and publishers who use it to deal with news content,” he stated on Thursday morning.

“It has left us suffering a stark option: try to comply with a law that neglects the facts of this link, or stop allowing news content on our assistance in Australia.”

“With a heavy heart, we are choosing the latter.”

On Thursday morning news sites, show no posts on their Facebook page. Australia’s treasurer, Josh Frydenberg, tweeted that on Thursday morning, he had a discussion with Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook chief executive.

“He put some remaining concerns with the government’s news media bargaining code, and we agreed to extend our discussion to try to find a pathway ahead.”

Australia’s communications minister, Paul Fletcher, stated the move raised questions of the credibility of knowledge now possible on Facebook.

Facebook’s move contrasts to the other major platform subject to the code, Google.