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Face Masks are Here for Long Choose Them Wisely

The spread of corona virus in Victoria is at a all time high with a record 19 deaths – the highest so far in a single day thus marking it as the single deadliest day since the pandemic began. So far Victoria has lost 314 people to the virus since the pandemic began. Premier Daniel Andrews has urged people to not let their guard down since containing the virus by limiting movement and protecting our self is more important.
Everyone is wondering and guessing the time frame when we are going to get out of this pandemic. With scientists and health workers working overtime all across the globe and trials for a vaccine and treatment still not being able to promise something concrete have made one thing clear that face masks are going to be a part of the lifestyle for a very long time. Many countries have made face masks mandatory.
Victoria already has a rule of a mandatory face mask and anyone found without a face mask will be penalized with a heavy fine. Since Victoria is already under Stage 4 lockdown restrictions the face mask rule is being implemented with force.

Uber urges people to wear masks in NSW

Taking a cue from the community spread in Victoria Uber has asked all its drivers and passengers to wear a face mask while taking a Uber. As compared to Victoria NSW is a bit behind in terms of community spread. These small measures of having people get used to face masks is a welcome step from the global ride-hailing company. Australian Medical Association has also urged NSW citizens to wear masks all the time and Premier Gladys Berejiklian has urged the young population to limit their social activity. However the quality of masks and medical equipment supplied to hospitals and general public has been questioned in the past.

Quality of Face Masks and Medical equipment Questioned

The sale and usage of face masks has increased manifold in the past few days and almost hundreds of face masks have been withdrawn from Australia’s register of therapeutic goods due to their low quality and inability to stop droplets escaping out into the open through the pores. The actions has come after many Nurses from Victorian and NSW hospitals shared images of masks and surgical gowns that had been marked as “Single-use protective masks (not for medical use)” and “Disposable not for medical use isolation gown”. It is important to note here that almost 1100 Victorian Health Workers have contracted Covid while working front live swabbing, testing and treating people infected by the virus.

Face masks considered as best bet by WHO

According to a study carried out by researchers at Duke University in the United States has found that N95 masks that are being worn by health workers in hospital setting are the best to protect oneself from the deadly virus since they ensure to stop the virus from entering and leaving along with the droplets. Three layered cotton masks and surgical masks are the second best option after N95 masks according to the research.
The worst arrangement to stop the propagation of Covid is neck fleeces since they allow more droplets to escape as compared to if you weren’t even wearing a mask. Bandannas or knitted face coverings offer no protection at all against the virus.
While wearing a mask it is important to cover the nose and mouth. Control your urge of touching the mask time and again and sanitize your hands before wearing a mask. Washable and reusable masks can be used if they have the required thickness as laid down by WHO.