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Emirates suspended all UK flights to Australia, New hurdle in returning home for Australians

The United Arab Emirates has verified it is canceling all its flights or travelling between Australia and the United Kingdom indefinitely, after banning air travel with the United Arab Emirates by the UK government.

This report is not good news for 4500 Australians presently stranded in the UK seeking to secure a flight back home.
The UK government declared the ban on all direct passenger flights from the United Arab Emirates early Friday morning.

From midnight tonight, AEDT, Rwanda, Burundi, and the United Arab Emirates (Dubai and Abu Dhabi), will be included in the UK’s red list of coronavirus hotspots globally.

It is confirmed earlier that no passengers from red list nations are permitted to enter into the United Kingdom, rather than Irish or British citizens and permanent residents. And residents who return from overseas have to undergo 10 days of self-isolation at home.

Furthermore, every flight from and to Dubai and Abu Dhabi have been cancelled and banned.
On the Emirates’ official website, it confirmed that cancelling all passenger services between all their UK points – Birmingham, Glasgow, London and Manchester, and Dubai.

The airline has said that flights between the UK and Australian destinations will be suspended until the next notice.
Emirates said that a spokesperson said we would continue to operate flights between Dubai, Australia, and other places in its network.

The suspension of flights is part of a UK approach to stop the entry of a deadly and infectious new South African strain. Presently, approximately 40,000 Australians are stranded overseas and trying to return to Australia, with approx 4500 of those in the UK.

According to the UK government website, three new countries were added to the UK’s red list as the new South African variant is supposed to have reached there.