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Dancing is back in Queensland, restrictions eased after a long wait!

After a long-going impact of COVID-19 pandemic, Revellers and partygoers will be able of dancing again inside the club from Monday.
The authorities have released a set of precautionary measures to be followed. The dance activity will be permitted in nightclubs, pubs, clubs, and all venues with one person two square metres on the dance floor.
Health Minister Yvette D’Ath said now the days of the mosh pits are over and requested dancers to enjoy by social distance as best they could.
Ms D’Ath said, “What we need to see if dancing spread out over a larger area inside venues.”
“Of course, people coming from the same household and friendship group and family are going to dance commonly, we understand that, but we are urging citizens to expand out,” said Ms D’Ath.
Chief Health Officer Dr Jeannette Young asked Queensland’s citizens to be sensible yet ruled out making fast and hard rules.
Dr Young said, “Fast and hard rules do not work because citizens find ways of getting around them because you make them hard and fast. If you take the work and concept with that, people do really well.”
“Dance with other people as you would normally, but do not dance in an entire group,” said Dr Young.
Not all those 100 people of mosh-pits where you have squashed up together, that my daughter told me regarding, you do not know anyone and all squashed up together.
“When you are dancing with the people you met that night, that is, of course fine.”
Ban on dance for the people of Queensland started earlier this year. Now, the ban has come to an end and the clubs and pubs have started to reopen. This change came into action after the outdoor dancing got the nod on November 17.