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COVID Christmas, Santa in the Town via Zoom call

The world is suffering from COVID-19 pandemic, and Christmas 2020 had been affected by this. Many traditions will have to be carried out in a very different manner. With coronavirus restrictions, social distancing rules, and gathering limits, Christmas will look very different in 2020.
The first significant change implemented due to COVID-19 is restrictions on large-scale gatherings.
At many places in Australia where people used to meet to see the Christmas light now will no longer celebrate Christmas.
For many citizens, tomorrow’s Christmas will be a time of mixing through video calls to wish your family and friends, who are stuck somewhere else.
2020 is the year of internet burnout, Zoom fatigue, and innovative technological workaround. This year Santa will arrive through a video call on Christmas.
The small company Encore Musicians based in the UK has been providing “musical messages” since the initial days of the COVID-19 pandemic.
They are often messages between the UK and Australia — the client asks a song, regularly with personalised lyrics. And a trained musician plays the music on video call for whomever the customer nominates.
Santa on ZOOM call
In Western Sydney, this organisation has become a global purveyor of “Zoom Santas”, they are giving 15-minute Zoom calls with Santa at the North Pole.
They have proved popular with families in the United States where some children, due to lockdown, cannot visit the Santa in red at the mall this Christmas.
To see Santa Claus in real life will also get a bit difficult but children can communicate with Santa via Zoom calls. While many malls will still have a Santa Claus seated out in the mall’s centre, the children can click the photos following the social distancing rules in mind.
A Merry Christmas!