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COVID-19: No Hotel Quarantine! Ease For Victorians, South Australia To Open its Borders

Steven Marshall, Premier of South Australia has declared an easing of the state’s boundary for Victorians. Now Victorians will be allowed to enter the state by going for 14 days of house isolation rather than hotel quarantine.
Mr. Marshall said that “Victoria has a fourth-continuous day of no positive coronavirus cases. I believe we are in a situation when Victoria has done great. They have locked down so hard, which meant citizens had got those figures right down.”
He said that they had planned 2 weeks of hotel quarantine for Victorians. But after the result of lockdown, it has announced that Victorians will undergo 2 weeks of home isolation rather than hotel quarantine of fourteen days. However, the State health authorities will keep an eye and monitor the COVID19 cases in Victoria.
This move comes after South Australia’s Government declared that citizens are running permanently to the state, including students and other workers.
“We are expecting to see what the full implications of the risen mobility will be in that jurisdiction on the coronavirus. But what we are doing now providing advance notice that, probably, in 14 days will be capable of moving to a position that will allow citizens to do home isolation in South Australia for two weeks,” said Mr Marshall.
He indicated an additional easing of limitations for Victorians if they completed two weeks of no society COVID-19 transmissions.
Steven Marshall said that “We have declared from the first day that we do not want to have any of our limits in place for a day longer than we require to, but we did so well as a state listening to the authorities.”

No Coronavirus Cases

The 14-day score remains at 1.9, and there are 2 cases with an anonymous source.
Health Minister Martin Foley said that in Victoria there are 38 active cases today. But on the weekend, Australia identified no nearby acquired cases. It happened for the first time since 9th June 2020.