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Corona Virus Symptoms – Advisory for Victoria and NSW – Do not ignore at any cost

Metropolitan Melbourne and parts of Victoria under another lockdown just after the restrictions were eased have created an environment of confusion, panic and unease. The confusion is due to the number of restrictions and caveats, panic because of the rising number of cases and uneasiness due to an uncertain future with vaccines and treatments in their infancy.
For confusion the authorities have been very clear this time regarding the restrictions and caveats to be followed in lockdown. Panic is because of the rise in the number of cases since Australia has already crossed the number of 10000 infections today. Uneasiness will also settle down in a few days since Australia is already on the path of developing a vaccine.
Since community transmission has already begun and it is expected to escalate in the coming days we need to make our preparations top notch to fight this battle with the virus. The first step in fighting the virus is to know the symptoms that might show up once someone is affected by corona virus.

Common Symptoms of Corona Virus

Most common features of COVID-19 are dry cough, tiredness and fever. A few people might also suffer from a sore throat, runny nose, diarrhoea, loss of taste or smell, congestion, body aches and rashes. These symptoms generally appear in extreme cases of COVID-19. A few people who have a strong immune system might not show any of these symptoms and don’t feel unwell. These are the one who are called asymptomatic. Asymptomatic people do not have any health hazards however as carriers of the virus they will act as a medium for its transmission – here is why you need to practice social distancing at any cost. WHO has cited “some estimates” around 6 to 40 percent of transmissions may be due to asymptomatic infections.
Body temperature in any human being above 38 degree Celsius needs to be taken seriously. Apart from that if someone is experiencing a loss of smell, a corona test becomes pertinent. Physician Andrew Badley of US medical centre the Mayo Clinic has stated to health news organization Stat that the loss of smell – also known as – anosmia might be the only and earliest symptom of COVID-19 along or sans fever. Asymptomatic people who are just experiencing a loss of smell need to ensure an early test, quarantine and most importantly social distancing.
The virus has a lot of effects on the human body and might even lead to headaches, dizziness, seizures and confusion. The symptoms might take from four days to fourteen days to appear from the time of exposure to the virus.
Almost 80 percent people will recover from the infection caused by Corona without any special treatment however a few will develop breathing problems and become seriously ill requiring medical intervention. Serious illness will be more prevalent in people with underlying health problems like high blood pressure, cardiovascular diseases and diabetes. Seniors and kids with lower immunity levels are also at an increased risk.
NSW health is urging everyone who was at the Crossroads Hotel on July 3 to July 10 2020 or the Picton Hotel on 4th, 5th, 9th and 10th July to to get tested themselves for Corona even if they don’t have any symptoms. People who have been in these hotels need to self isolate themselves for atleast 14 days for the good of their family and community.
Wear a mask, venture out only if its an emergency or you need to replenish groceries, maintain social distance and watch your health carefully.