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Corona Virus Lockdown Victoria Melbourne Stage

Corona Virus Lockdown Victoria Melbourne Stage- 3 Things You Ought To Know

Lockdown stage-3 due to the Corona virus has started in a select few post codes. The situation is grim considering the rising number of cases and a risk of community spread, which of course will be too tough to control. This lockdown will surely help in containing the spread and ease out the pressure on health care services. A sense of confusion might still prevail among people since there are few situations and cases where we need to venture out. Law enforcing agencies have been very clear this time on how, when and why you can be out. A few main things that you need to know in case you are living in one of the municipalities that have been placed under lock down.

Reasons to leave home – Allowed

You can leave your home for four reasons

  • You need to shop for food or essential items.
  • Care and Care giving
  • Daily Exercise
  • Work And Study

Care giving includes leaving home to visit someone in a aged care home, using a baby sitter and caring for animals housed somewhere else.
You can leave home to access medical access anytime. Medical access includes leaving your house to give blood to someone else. Medical access can be accessed anywhere in Victoria there’s no restriction to that.
I case you need police help or need to appear in court or are at a risk of family violence then also you can leave your home.
You cannot have visitors to your home neither can you visit someone at their home.

Going out of Melbourne to the other home -Don’t Plan

If you have a Holiday Home out of Melbourne you cant go there you need to stay in Melbourne only to ensure that the virus does not spread elsewhere.

Outdoors Eating Closed

Restaurants and cafes will be trading only as takeaway and delivery business you cant sit in one and have your meals.

Shopping and Markets

Shopping centers and markets along with trades will be allowed to function however the density rules limited to people per square metre needs to be followed in letter and spirit.

Community Venues

Libraries and Community venues can stay open for two reasons only essential services or to host weddings and funerals. Pubs bars, nightclubs will remain closed.

Sports and Exercises

Exercise is allowed with a few restrictions in place. You cant go for long bush walks, neither can you leave Melbourne for fishing or surfing. All community sport will remain closed. Sports like golf, tennis and boating will continue provided you maintain the required social distance.

School and Education

Year 11 and Year 12 students will go to school as planned all other kids in other classes will have an extra week holiday.

Breaking the rules will attract a fine

Victoria police will issue on-the spot fines to people and businesses breaking the rules Fine for individuals might be as high as $1,652 and for businesses it has been pegged at $9,913.
It is time to remain indoors, follow the rules, exercise, eat healthy, develop a new skill or even read something interesting. With the collective effort of the whole community we can beat the virus, get back to work and live that awesome life sans any fears of the virus again.
Stay Home Stay Safe!