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Cathay Pacific Cancelling All Flights To Australia, Excluding Sydney

Cathay Pacific Airways is cancelling all flights to Australia except Sydney as the Hong Kong carrier closes with new government pandemic limitations.

From February 20, Saturday, the carrier will suspend all its flights to Perth, Brisbane, and Melbourne until the end of the month at least.

The airline said it is examining staffing figures for March after officials in Hong Kong declared plans to make local flight crews experience two weeks quarantine.

Cathay Pacific said in a statement that, “according to the latest announcement of the Hong Kong SAR Government, from Saturday (February 20 2021), our Hong Kong-based cabin crew and pilots are needed to go for two weeks hotel quarantine. Additionally, seven days of medical examination when they return to Hong Kong after being on duty.”

“We are actively maintaining our crew resources to prepare for our flight services for March 2021.”

In the last week, Hong Kong officials said that cabin crew and city-based pilots must go for two weeks quarantine in a designated hotel. They can’t re-enter the community before an extra seven days of medical monitoring. The global airline has made the latest decision that has thrown travel plans into confusion for Australians stuck abroad. Cathay Pacific will also cut other international routes, including Vancouver, Frankfurt, Amsterdam, and San Francisco.

From Hong Kong to Tel Aviv a one-way flight will run once in the prior two-week flight reduction period, on February 23. Last month, hundreds of permanent residents and citizens overseas were left stranded after Emirates abruptly cut flights within Sydney and Melbourne, Dubai and Brisbane. The Dubai airline provided no information on when flights would restart before it quickly restarted the flights less than a week later.

And from February 15 flight caps will be increased, meaning more places on rooms in hotels and plane will be available to returning Australians.

The pandemic has hit Cathay Pacific, like other airlines. Last October they declared that they are cutting 24 per cent of its workforce or 8500 jobs.