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Google Wing Drone Delivery Service

Canberra Welcomes Drone Delivery Service Powered by Google’s ‘Wing’

After South East Queensland, Google backed startup Wing is entering the market in Canberra by remaining up with supermarket Coles. Wing’s stint started in October 2021 when the company worked in Queensland with Vicinity Centers.

Several suburbs in Canberra will be introduced with drone delivery service for groceries after a deal between Coles and Alphabet (Google) backed Wing went through. Wing started the drone delivery service in Australia with Queensland where it adopted a rooftop collection model. Experts even suggest that drone delivery may take over Australia’s urban market within five years.

The coronavirus crisis definitely opened the scope for a remote, no-contact delivery service and Wing made the most of the situation. Its rooftop collection model in Queensland has already delivered 2,500 orders consisting of medicines, groceries, and fast food.

Giants like Alibaba have also been at the forefront of a similar venture. Experts comment that drone delivery is the future of this industry and Australians are lucky to be one of the first ones to enjoy such extraordinary service.

Warehousing for drone delivery items does not happen directly from the supermarket. A separate warehousing infrastructure called ‘dark warehouses’ will be made to cater to orders made via drone delivery services. Consumers have an application wherein they can place their orders.

At the moment, live pilots monitor up to 15 drones at a time but this is just a precautionary measure. All operations are automated and based on intent. The drone delivery system set up by Wing aims to deliver goods in record time.

Limitations of Drone Delivery

Pros come with cons and we know it. The best part about technology though is that it is always open to innovations and changes. Currently, the drones have trouble flying at night so using them for emergency services and delivery at night might pose an issue. Also, they can only carry a weight of up to 1.5 kilograms.

Instead of calling them limitations though, we can say that drone delivery services are in their initial phases and there is a lot to accomplish in this sector. It is almost a certainty that this innovative approach is the future of food and pharmaceutical delivery.