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Australians Will Get the COVID-19 Vaccine By March 2021

Australians Will Get the COVID-19 Vaccine By March 2021

Australians will get a COVID-19 vaccine till March 2021 Health Minister Greg Hunt has announced this on Wednesday.
Greg Hunt says Australia is “well ahead of expectations and on schedule” to deliver a COVID-19 vaccine by March 2021.
He continued, “We are on track to provide vaccines to Australians, beginning March of 2021. We won’t be out of this until we have a nation that has had a full vaccination programme.”
Australia has got 134.8 million vaccines in total, which is enough for three times the overall population.
Though, the Pfizer vaccine, which was presented this week to be 90 per cent useful in tests, needs to be stored at minus 70C.
This states a cold chain distribution system is required.
Health Minister Greg Hunt said Australia has now acquired a deal to issue 10 million Pfizer vaccine doses.
Similarly, the other vaccines, it is possible to be sent to hospitals, GP centres, and respiratory clinics.
“We have ensured that cold chain for Australia”, Mr Hunt said.
“The Pfizer vaccine is being produced in Europe and can be operated on planes,” John Skerritt, head of the Therapeutic Goods Administration said.
He said the “opening of national borders, allowing more flights to be scheduled important. And it will really benefit in distribution here.”
Mr Skerritt said the TGA is still searching for a lot more information on each vaccine and working with controls around the world.
Australia has now ensured more than three times the amount of vaccines required but is also looking at other vaccine trials to examine how they work out.
“We will reach a shared opinion on how efficacious and how safe they are,” said Mr Skerritt.
“I am expecting all going well that by the January end, we will be ready to provide the first couple of vaccines for approval,” he said.
Mr Hunt said globally, approximately 7000 people are dying each day from coronavirus, with 51 million people diagnosed.