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Australia Extends Travel Bubble With NZ; Flights Held For 72 Hours

The Australian Government has extended the pause on quarantine-free flights from New Zealand for the next three days following the declaration of more community COVID-19 cases.

This means citizens of New Zealanders travelling into Australia will have to isolate/quarantine for two weeks. People who already entered Australia after January 15 have to go through the COVID-19 test and isolate. When a Kiwi woman infected with the highly contagious South African variant of COVID-19 visited about 30 New Zealand locations before testing positive after that, the green-zone travel arrangement was paused.

According to the health ministry, two people have tested COVID-19 positive for the South African variant. All cases are connected to the same isolation facility in Auckland, the largest city of New Zealand. New Zealand’s new viruses were rated the best performing in a list of almost 100 nations based on their coronavirus containment. The earlier 72-hour suspension was about to end at 2:00 pm Thursday.

Acting Chief Medical Officer, Professor Michael Kidd, told the suspension order will guard Australians while the New Zealand COVID-19 situation can be confirmed.

Professor Kidd said the Government was prepared to keep citizens of Australia safe from COVID-19 while flagged attention around an additional group.

He said, “We have also been recommended a small number of people who were in the Pullman Hotel and undergoing through hotel quarantine; at the same time as these other coronavirus cases had since moved to Australia on ‘green zone’ flights before we introduced the pause on Monday afternoon.”

“Health authorities are following all these people in the state where they reached.”

Mr Kidd has requested travellers who stayed at the Auckland Pullman from January 9 to 14 before landing in Australia to get the COVID-19 test and self-isolate.
He has also asked who came from New Zealand and landed in Australia since January 9 needs to get tested and isolated. At the end of 2020, the bubble was formed, which permitted New Zealand citizens to travel to Australia’s specific states.

The Federal Government has regularly stated that it would like to see the arrangement become mutual and Australians permitted to travel New Zealand quarantine-free over the ditch.

Anyway, the extension clarifies that New Zealand’s flight to Australia will start on January 31, 2 pm on Sunday.