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As Cases Rise To Record Height, People will Die, If Sick Victorian Don’t Stay Home

Mr. Andrews has confirmed 6 deaths, 5 people were from old age homes. This follows the deadliest day for the state on Sunday when ten people lost their lives to the virus.
There are estimates that up to 75 people in the state could die this week from the virus.
Several cases are coming from the places of employment. The key message for everyone today, you can’t go to work if you have any symptoms.
The most recent figure was 484 last Wednesday. The virus is expected to kill more people next week.
A number of cases will continue to grow in the country until people change their behavior, and the government will need to close entire industries.
Business owners need to work to keep someone away from work with coronavirus symptoms. Otherwise, it would lead to the closure of their businesses.
Mr. Andrews accepted that people without sick leave were waiting weeks to collect the State Government’s $1,500 hardship benefit which is available to those who are unable to go to work because they have to isolate themselves or care for a child in isolation.”I’ve asked to streamline it,” he said.
The Defense Force has deployed in the city to help assess 800 slaughterhouses as well as hundreds of students and community members over the next few days.
This will follow a worldwide pattern, where hospitalizations and deaths occur seven to ten days later when cases of virus increase. Of the 4542 total active cases in the state, 683 are related to aged care and about 400 health workers are present.
According to health authorities, the coronavirus(COVID-19) is now “deeply rooted” in Victoria and will take some time to control.