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AOC rejected the Tokyo Olympic cancellation rumours, confirmed "Games are on"

The head of the Australian Olympic Committee, Matt Carroll, has confirmed the Tokyo Games is not cancelled; it will take place as expected this year and dismissed “unfounded rumours” that they are to be cancelled.
There have been the signs that the Tokyo Olympics will be postponed or cancelled after a news report claimed the Japanese Government agreed the Games are doomed.
For the preparation of games, Japan spent at least $USD25 million, with three-quarters of it coming from public money.
Matt Carroll said, “the Tokyo Games are on.”
“Tokyo Game will be a unique event, simpler, yet with a focus on the athletes and their competitions,” he said.
“This game is the biggest sporting event in the world. And of course, it is toughest to plan for it, but that is what the responsibility is about.”
A media report said the Japanese Government said the Games would have to be postponed or cancelled due to the pandemic, citing one unidentified source from the ruling coalition. So Mr Carroll was replying to that media report.
But, that report was rejected by Prime Minister of Japan Yoshihide Suga, who stated in Parliament on Friday that Japan was prepared to accomplish the Tokyo Olympics.
Japan’s PM Suga said he would work closely with the International Olympic Committee and Tokyo in order to be sure the Olympics Games would take place.
The deputy chief cabinet secretary of Japan Manabu Sakai told media there was no reality to the rumours.
Mr Carroll supports Japan to handle the logistical challenge of hosting the Games despite the COVID-19 pandemic.
Carroll said, “If any country can handle a logistical challenge, it is Japan.”
He said, “maybe, the Games’ cultural and ceremonies aspects will not take place as last time. But decisions on spectators, international, and local, are yet to be made.”