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A New COVID-19 Case in a Very Serious Situation – NSW Premier

NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian announced the easing of coronavirus restrictions on Monday would go ahead due to the confirmation of a new COVID-19 case on Thursday morning.
However, NSW Premier said it was an “evolving situation” and if the advice of health officials changed then she “would not hesitate” to act.
On Thursday morning, NSW Health Brad Hazzard confirmed a woman of south-west Sydney tested positive for COVID-19.
It’s almost a month-long without any locally acquired cases of COVID-19, but the recent case can create problems.
He said the Minto woman was a from the Novotel and Ibis hotels in Darling Harbour and she was from the housekeeping staff. The COVID-19 test results of a woman came in just before 1:30 AM this morning.
NSW Health Brad Hazzard said, “I was formally notified in writing that we had seen one more case in Sydney of coronavirus”.
“We would have been telling today was our 26th day — it is our 26th day — without any COVID-19 cases, though we now have one coronavirus case.”
Mr Hazzard said, he was not “overly fussed” of the new COVID-19 case, as health authorities have been planning for it so it would not frighten any of the easings of limitations declared yesterday.
Ms Berejiklian said it was a “very severe state” and also a “stark warning” of the determined threat of the virus until a vaccine is given to citizens.
“At this stage, the health advice does not require us to go backwards,” she said.
“But if the following few days, the condition changes and advice of health department changes I will not wait to act as the Premier.”
Dr Chant said; fortunately, the worker did not have close contact with infected across quarantine patients.
“So at the time there is not a smoking gun in terms of how we would say the transmission case happened,” she said.
“And that is why we are actually assuring that there may be other workers as an intermediary, and therefore the value of immediately getting tested.”
Mr Hazzard said people in Minto must be tested if they display any flu-like symptoms.