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A man in his thirties is among 12 deaths from the Coronavirus, as Victoria records 466 new cases of the virus

One man 30 years of age is dead from coronavirus, 12 deaths were confirmed by Victoria, and another 466 new cases were reported overnight. The dead included two men in their seventies, two men and three women in their eighties, four women in their nineties, and six of those associated with nursing homes.
It brings the death toll to 193 for the state. Mr. Andrews said that the young man is not a health-care worker.
Twenty-nine Victorians are on ventilators, as 44 in intensive care fight for life. A total of 636 are hospitalized. And community transmission is also on the rise, with 130 new “mysterious cases” overnight.
Victoria has recorded 7,808 active cases, of which around 7,100 are in the greater Melbourne city and 700 in the Victoria area.
Chief Health Officer Brett Sutton said that the numbers in the second wave for Victoria are stabilizing, but that the effects of the Phase 4 lockdown are yet to emerge.
We are definitely seeing some stability in numbers. We are 400 to 500 cases every day, more or less than the average over the past week. This is not good enough, but it is positive that we have avoided the massive increase over the past two weeks.
If we hadn’t changed those figures, we ‘d see thousands of cases every day, and there are reports that under the constraints of the third step we ‘d prevent 20,000 or more cases. The fourth stage restrictions will make a difference, but we won’t see them for another week or more.”
Mr. Andrews was not tolerant of the childcare mess that unfolded late this week, defending the government’s approach and saying it was “impossible” to implement a perfect system.”There is no evidence to follow here,” he said.
In the holiday season, which is less than five months away, Andrews said he hopes the virus will be more controlled by then. What I want to do is ensure that the Christmas dinner has as many people as possible. “We need to lower those numbers. That part of the year, every part of this year, will look different. Until we get the vaccine, that will be part of our life.”