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70 Homes Destroyed in a Bushfire, 6 Firefighters Injured

Western Australia’s Department of Fire and Emergency Services announced that the bushfire near Perth had destroyed approx 70 homes.

Firefighters have spent the midnight trying to contain a massive blaze burning near Perth, including temperatures over the fire ground at Wooroloo required to rise into the mid-30s today. Crews are bracing for more challenging situations today, by a strong southerly change supposed to push the fire north-east or north towards the Shady Hills area. Approx 200 firefighters worked the whole night, with crews’ first aim to keep the blaze within current containment lines.

The DFES said, “at this point, there is zero proof of loss of life.”

Perth Lord Mayor Basil Zempilas said his condolence is with the groups who have lost their homes in the whole incident.

He said, “our hearts go out to all of them.”

It is not still understood how the whole fire incident begins. However, arson squad detectives are reviewing for the incident. Winds are supposed to hit 40km/h with winds of up to 70km/h.

The DFES said, “irregular fire behaviour fanned by powerful winds remains to challenge teams on the frontline who are defending what they can and setting containment lines in place.”

Hundreds gave last night in emergency service after evacuation orders were assigned to save lives. DFES will post an update for the common people on the DFES Facebook page.

Residents must record updated warning areas and refer to the alert mapping for more defined warning boundaries.
DFES said, “first and foremost, everybody has to save their family from the danger of the bushfire.”

Darren Klemm, DFES Commissioner confirmed, six firefighters, had been injured while trying to control the blaze that has stretched 80 km and burned through more than 9000 hectares.

Mr Klenm said, “it is terrible news for the homeowners.”

He said, “there is a possibility the figure of homes lost will rise once the task is completed.”

“The southern side of the fire and its vicinity to the top of Upper Swan and Brigadoon are yet a big concern for us.”
Mr Klemm said the cyclone rising to the north of the state was a serious matter and could make firefighting works more complex.