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Rapid Antigen Tests Stolen in Sydney

40,000+ Rapid Antigen Tests Stolen at Sydney Storage Depot as Australia Struggles With Vaccine Shortages

Around 42,000 RATs worth more than 500,000 AUD were reported to be stolen from a depot in Sydney last afternoon. As the country struggles under a general shortage of RATs and rising vaccine prices, this couldn’t have hit the state at a worse time, we suppose.

A man was reported to have entered the storage unit at Mascot and stolen the RATs. The police are, of course, on to it. NSW Premier Dominic Perrottet has said that the culprit’s actions were disgraceful and he should be expecting a call from the police soon. He mentioned that such an action amidst the united struggle of the country to beat the Omicron variant is indeed shameful.

High rates are also hitting the consumers hard. ACCC (Australian Competition and Consumer Commission) Chair, Rod Sims has said that there are some reports of two tests being sold over online stores and marketplaces at 500 AUD. Some retail stores have also sold a single RAT at 70 AUD. All this, keeping in mind that the wholesale price falls around 11 AUD. Average retailers’ selling prices is ranging from 20-30 AUD.

In such an economic climate and shortage, missing 42,000 RAT is a blow for NSW as well as the rest of Australia.

South Australia Premier Reports RAT Foul Play

SA’s Premier Steven Marshall is concerned that other states such as NSW and Victoria are taking precedence over other states when it comes to rapid antigen testing. He has intimidated the ACCC to look into the matter.

The Premier wants the ACCC to investigate whether RATs bound for SA were requisitioned for Victoria and NSW. Amidst allegations that the aforementioned is true, the Premier said that it is the state’s right to be outraged if the rumour turns out to be true.

Pharmacy Guild of Australia SA branch president Nick Panayiaris has said that there are reports, not necessarily true, that RATs were being stripped off the SA’s retail shelves and shipped to other states.

Although authorities await the statements from NSW and Victoria, the whole matter is deeply disturbing. The thing that keeps economies afloat during the pandemic or otherwise is the supply chain. Voluntary disruption of any sort during a global crisis is indeed shameful.