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202 Victorians Fined for Violating Restrictions, 19 Deaths and 331 New Cases

Victoria state recorded its deadliest day after 19 people died from the Coronavirus overnight. The new deaths included a woman in her fifties, a man in his seventies, six women and four men in their eighties and four women and three men in the nineties. Of the 19 deaths, 14 were associated with an outbreak of elderly care.
There are now 246 death tolls and 331 new cases in the past 24 hours have been recorded.
Victoria has recorded 15,251 cases of the infection since the start of the epidemic.
Mysteries continue to grow in the state, with the total number of 100 new cases reaching 2,903.
Mr. Andrews said the number of unknown cases had risen, but by fewer than in recent days.
There are 650 people in the hospital, including 47 in the intensive care unit and 24 on a ventilator.
Healthcare workers make up 1,185 cases out of 7,880 active cases in the state.
Regional Victoria has fewer than 520 active cases and 1,838 active cases in aged-care.
If not for the six-week shutdown, Andrews said, it would take six months and the data supports that.
The simple essence of being there from 8 to 5 PM, so if you’re outside, you better have a good excuse-it makes the work of police more straightforward, and it raises the chance of getting caught.
A wannabe DJ and the man who escaped from his roommate’s noisy bedroom was among the most recent Victorians to be fined for violating strict home stay orders.
Victoria Police has issued 202 fines in the past 24 hours for violating health orders.
Among them were 70 people who violated the curfew and 22 people who failed to wear face masks.
The State government has reported the receipt of a $5000 grant by 24,000 eligible businesses to help them by restrictions.
There has been a cumulative payment of $120 million.
Eligible businesses from Melbourne and Mitchell Shire who have received the initial issue of this grant will also be able to receive a second payment with the same amount.
It will be paid automatically.
The change means that some companies in this area may receive a total of $ 20,000 over the life of the scheme.