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May 27, 2022

By cbdmovers

Winter Move Top 16 Do's & Don'ts To Remember

Winter Move: Top 16 Do’s & Don’ts To Remember

You are excited at the moment and a little nervous as well because you have to move house in this weather. Even though this is not the best time of the year to move house, you know that it is going to be a lot of fun. Cozying up in your new home with a cup of your favorite nutmeg hot cocoa, and looking out the window at your newly planted shrubs peeking out of the mist would be pure bliss. But for that to be a success, you will have to toil a little.

You can’t possibly imagine yourself packing and moving on your own without preparing for it. You don’t just need to invest in the right equipment and apparel but also prepare yourself mentally for a winter move.

Let’s Start With A House Moving Checklist For The Winter And Have An Overview Of The Things You MUST DO

1. Dress For The Winter

Dress For The Winter

If you are moving in the cold weather, it is essential that you stay warm and comfortable. You should invest in apparel that allows you to lift heavy things if you have decided to do it on your own. Choose sweatshirts and sweaters that allow you to move without any problems. You should be able to bend forwards, step on high steps, lift things, twist and turn a little, and also stretch easily to reach out to all your stuff that is kept at a height. In addition to dressing appropriately, make sure that the layers you choose are soft and couple them with waterproof shoes as well.

2. Remove All The Ice

Yes, clearly, it is not the best time of the year to move house because nobody likes to remove snow or ice particles from every nook and corner of their home the first thing they wake up. You must make sure that your walkway and your driveway are clear of any snow and ice too. You will have to act a little more proactively to prevent the spreading ice from coming in your way when you are moving out your furniture pieces.

3. Cover Your Floors Well

Cover Your Floors Well

Moving in cold weather means that you will probably be tracking snow everywhere. If there happens to be a lot of melted ice or snow on your property, you must make sure to cover the floors well enough; otherwise, you will be spreading water all over. You can use old bed sheets, towels, blankets, and similar stuff such as old and worn-out linens as well to do the needful. If there happens to be any warning of a snowstorm, you must take extra care of your floor and you will have to shovel out the snow the next day.

4. Take A Few Breaks In Between

It is important that you take a few breaks in between. Time them so that you can get at least a rest of 15 minutes between your chores. Grab a snack, drink some water, and recharge yourself so that you start feeling normal again.

5. Keep Your Critical Items Warm And Functional

Keep Your Critical Items Warm And Functional

It is very essential that you keep all your critical appliances, gadgets, and electronics warm and functional. You can keep them at a minimum setting overnight as well. Make sure that they do not short-circuit, though. Also, you can install a stabilizer if you think that any of your electronic items might start malfunctioning. You can also time your appliances so that they turn off automatically after a few hours.

6. Start Packing In Advance

When you are packing in the winter, it is advised to start doing it a little in advance. Let’s face it, taking out all your stuff and packing and moving it at the last moment or when the cold weather has already set in is a huge task. You will find yourself getting too lazy and lethargic, and this is something you don’t want.

7. Clear The Pathways Around Your Property

Clear The Pathways Around Your Property

Clear all the pathways around your property. Make it safe for people to walk in and out of your house. If you have hired the services of a packing and moving company, make sure that they don’t find any clutter in their way. If you have any plastic sheets or heavy-duty mats, use them to protect your marble flooring in your living room and the wooden floors in your bedroom as well. 

8. Be A Little More Flexible

You will have to be a little more flexible because winters tend to be unpredictable. If you have selected a particular moving time, give yourself a little window before and after that. For this, you will have to make sure that your packing and stacking are done on time. Keep all your boxes and bulky furniture items in the moving van on time. This way, you will have at least an hour and a half or two to plan your move and also make room for any unexpected delays should the weather change suddenly.

Now Let’s Have A Look At A Few Things That You Should Avoid When You Are Moving From One Place To Another

9. Do Not Pack Your Winter Essentials

Do Not Pack Your Winter Essentials

This is a no-brainer. Never pack your winter essentials. Even if you do make a box of these items, make sure not to tape it and also that it is easily accessible.

10. Try Not To Rush Into Things

It is never going to work in your favor if you are stressed and moving hurriedly. Do not rush into things, or make hasty decisions, or even try to pack and move your stuff too fast.

11. Avoid Doing Everything On Your Own

Avoid Doing Everything On Your Own

If you think that moving in the cold weather is not going to be practical for you, you can always choose to associate with packing and moving company in your city. They are the experts at it and they can simplify so many things for you.

12. Forgetting To Turn On Your Utilities

Make sure to add this to your house moving checklist if you don’t want to deal with chilly weather all day long. Double-check your HVAC unit to see if it is functioning properly. Ensure that your insulation is working throughout the move.

13. Letting Your Pets Take Over

Letting Your Pets Take Over

It is never a good idea to let your pets take over your home. Make sure to keep them busy and warm. Tuck them in for as long as the packers and movies are going in and out of your property. Ask your vet about any medication that can help them calm down if the need arises.

14. Forgetting To Protect Things From The Cold Weather

This is very critical. You need to protect a lot of your items from the winter, including your clothes, food, beverages, electronic items, batteries, and a lot of other stuff.

15. Moving In The Dark

Moving In The Dark

This is a total disaster. If you plan to move in the dark, especially in the winter, it is never going to turn out well for you. First of all, it is not safe, second, your children and pets are going to panic, and third, you will never be able to find your new home at night.

16. Never Leave Anything To The Last

Never Leave Anything To The Last

Finally, it is never a good idea to leave anything to the last moment. Even if you want to get in touch with a packers and movers firm, you will have to hire their services in advance. This way, you can steer clear of the peak moving season. You will be able to pick out the best day for the move. It also allows you to get fabulous discounts and offers on their various packages. So yes, now you are all set to move in the winter.

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