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July 4, 2022

By cbdmovers

What's The Best Way For Last Minute House Packing To Move

What’s The Best Way For Last Minute House Packing To Move?

You have come to the right place if you are looking for packing tips for moving house at the last moment. Remember, last-minute packing and moving are never going to be easy for you. It is going to invite a lot of stress, panic, and several palpitations per minute. But all of that can be managed very easily.

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Let’s begin with a few very practical and easy tips to help you out pack your stuff on very short notice without missing out on even the smallest critical detail:

1. Get All The Help You Will Need


Get All The Help You Will Need

The only way to speed up the packing and moving process is to get as much help as you can from your friends and neighbors. You will also have to look for a dependable house removals company in your city to make this move successful. Ask your relatives or perhaps your colleagues to drop by for a few hours during any of the days leading up to your move. They will be more than happy to help you out with your packing and moving.

2. Create A Moving Checklist

Another very effective last-minute moving tip is to create a moving checklist. While your friends are helping you out, you can take out a few minutes and create or checklist of all the things that need to be moved to your new house and the items that you can sell off at a garage sale. This will also help you narrow down the items that you need to pack and will save you a lot more time.

3. Schedule The Moving Service


Schedule The Moving Service

The next step is to schedule the moving service. It is a great idea to hire two movers and a truck if you want to speed up the moving process. Let them come in for an assessment of your cargo and all the furniture pieces that need to be moved to your new destination. They will come in and look at your items and talk to you about the distance to be traveled, and the dates that suit you the best. They will then recommend the right vehicle for your belongings depending upon your budget and needs. There you have it. You have successfully booked the moving service and now you can relax a little.

4. Clean Out Your Home

This is something that you will have to do on your own but of course with a little help from your neighbors. So yes, if you haven’t been friendly with them up until now, this is the right time to offer them a few cookies and a great-tasting frappe. So don’t hesitate to invite your neighbors over and ask them for a little bit of assistance with your furniture pieces and the items that you want to disassemble.

5. Get The Right Supplies


Get The Right Supplies

Inviting your neighbors and friends over for a coffee did turn out to be a great idea. A lot of them brought with them some of the most useful packing supplies. You had been thinking about running to the nearest store to buy cardboard and moving boxes. But you already got them from your neighbors. Other packing supplies that you might need include wrapping paper, old newspapers, bubble wrap, a few more containers, boxes if you run out, nylon rope, packing tape, permanent markers, Styrofoam balls, and a label maker. These are a few supplies that will be easily available at your local hardware store and if you want to save more time, you can always ask your friends to pool in whatever they can from the list of supplies that you have created.

6. Pack Room By Room

Packing your stuff room by room is a great idea. It will help you move all your stuff easily without any delays. Once you are done with one room, you can move to the next. This way, you will not feel overwhelmed by this responsibility. You can streamline your move easily by going one room at a time. It is going to increase your efficiency and you will be able to categorize your moving boxes according to the room and their belongings. Make sure to label every box accordingly and also include the names of the items contained in the box in the label itself.

7. Use Your Trash Bags


Use Your Trash Bags

Have you ever thought about using your trash bags for your move? They are not only stretchable but they also give you a lot of privacy. Needless to say, you can stuff a lot of your items in them. They are especially useful if you are not traveling long distances. You can stick labels on them quite easily. Just make sure not to put your delicate and expensive items in these bags. They are mainly suitable for your last-minute items that usually get left behind such as your kids’ toys, plastic items, small kitchen utensils, and clothes.

8. Leave The Clothes As They Are


Leave The Clothes As They Are

Now, this brings us to a very interesting point. It is always better to just pick up your clothes along with their hangers and toss them into your travel bag as they are. It is never a good idea to take them off the hangers and then wrap them neatly and separately. We are trying to save you valuable time. So it is better to just take them off along with the hanger and place them strategically inside your suitcases. This may, when you have finally moved into your new house, you can take them out and hang them in your cupboard right away.


Wasn’t this amazing? Now you know how to pack and move quickly and that too without any stress. Who thought that it will be this easy to pull off a move even when you are on a time crunch? But then as we said before, there is a solution to every problem. This is how you move from your old home to your new house at the last minute. Happy moving!

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