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July 1, 2022

By cbdmovers

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What’s The Best Strategy To Use When Packing Up For A Move?

We are sure that this move is driving you crazy. You probably never thought that even creating a simple moving checklist was going to be so stressful. You don’t even know where to begin packing your stuff. You don’t know what items should go into the truck and what should go into the trash. But one pro tip that is going to work whether you are moving within the same state or across the country is to start saving all your delivery boxes and cardboard cartons right now. This is going to solve a lot of your luggage-related problems and you will not have to run to the nearest liquor store or departmental store to find extra packing boxes. But let’s stick to the more important thing right now. We are here to discuss a few packing and moving strategies that will help you pack for the move and transition from your old home to your new house seamlessly and without any stress.

1. Understand The Russian Doll Technique

What is the Russian doll technique? This is one of the most intelligent ways to pack your stuff for moving. You will begin by packing your stuff in smaller boxes. These can be different items such as your shelf decor, small accessories, utensils, and gadgets. Then all these separate boxes can go inside one big box. This way you will not need a lot of padding and cushioning to protect them. The boxes are going to stay put within the large box. It will give the bigger container more firmness and stability. However, if there are still a few spaces left, stuff them up with a bit of bubble wrap and you are good to go.

2. Use Your Clothes For Cushioning

Clothes For Cushioning

Talk about padding and stuffing your boxes, how can you forget your old clothes, linens, and used towels? This is a great way to make sure that your moving boxes are stable and do not have any empty spaces between the items contained within. So if you have any small furniture pieces or any jewellery items, expensive gadgets, and any other item that you don’t want to break, you can always follow this technique. Your old clothes including your old newspapers are going to prove to be highly useful.

3. Detailed Labelling Is A Must

Detailed Labelling

Just labeling your boxes exterior or interior, bedroom or living room is not going to help. Just writing on them which side goes up and which side goes down is never going to cut it. You must label your boxes in detail. You can also mention the items contained in the box. Invest in a high-quality permanent marker. List down all the things contained in the box serial-wise or as you have placed them inside the box. If you have any essential items, make sure to keep them on the top of the box so that they are reachable the first thing you open them when you move into your new house.

4. What Does Your Renter’s Insurance Say

This is another tip that is going to prove very useful. If you have any renter’s insurance, understand what it says about any damages or expenses that you incur when you are moving out of your house. Does it cover any items at all? Does it have a standard cover or a full-fledged cover? If there is any arrangement within your renter’s insurance that protects your belongings against any theft or damage, it is going to work out for you pretty well.

5. Let The Heavy Stuff Go Down

Remember to follow this strategy whenever you are packing boxes for moving because it helps you maintain their stability when they are in transit. Make sure that all your heavy objects go right at the base of the box. It will also make it easier for you to move the boxes from one location to another because their center of gravity is going to be at the bottom. This way, the boxes do not topple over whether you are moving them from your house to the truck or from the moving van to your new home.

6. Colour Coding

When in doubt, assign a particular color to a particular room. This way, you remember which items are going to go in which boxes and which boxes should be unpacked in which room in your new house. For example, you can always put your expensive antique items, paintings, photo frames, and other delicate belongings in a moving box with maroon labels. You can keep your small plants in a cardboard carton with green labels.

7. Room Coding

Room Coding

It works just like color-coding but the only difference is that you will be labeling your boxes according to the room. So if you have prepared a few boxes from your kitchen items, you will name them accordingly. You can also create separate boxes for your guest room, dining room, living room, bedroom, and bathroom. You can then follow the Russian doll technique and place small boxes containing various items from the same room inside the large box.

8. Should You Pick Soft Or Hard Shell Suitcases?

This strategy should also be a part of your moving checklist because practically every family has a few soft and hard shell suitcases in their house. You can make use of both of them. Your delicate belongings can be put inside your hard shell suitcases. You can stuff your clothing in soft-shell suitcases and toss them into the truck. Just remember to stuff enough padding and cushioning inside your hard shell suitcases to prevent your items from colliding with one another when they are being transported.

9. Your Clothes Go On Your Hangers

Clothes Go On Your Hangers

If you want to prepare a separate box for your wardrobe, make sure that your clothes go with your hangers. This way, you can just take them out and put them directly in your cupboard when you have finally moved into your new place.

10. Shrink Them Sweaters

You can find large zip pouches in the market very easily. Just stuff your sweaters inside those zip pouches, squeeze them with both your hands or ask your children to sit on these pouches to chase out all the air. Now close the zip tightly without leaving any space. You have successfully packed your sweaters for the move.

Final Thoughts

Now, these were not stand-alone packing strategies. You can use several from this packing and moving checklist to pack your belongings and move to your new house. Just remember that there is no hard and fast rule here. You can modify these approaches as per your preferences and depending on the type and amount of cargo that you want to transport. Wishing you a seamless and smooth move.

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