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July 6, 2020

By cbdmovers

Relocating in Summer

Relocating In Summer? 5 Tips To Beat The Heat

Moving house is a daunting task and the scorching summers make it tougher.  Relocating in the hot and humid days adds to the stress of moving and doubles the efforts.

How to beat the summer heat?
We have listed the following 5 tips to keep your frustration under controlled:

1.    Plan as early as possible

Someone rightly said,” The early bird catches the worm.”
Instead of being a last-minute person, be smart and plan ahead. When moving in summers, start the toughest jobs early in the morning. After all, moving boxes and furniture when the sun is burning outside is not an easy task.
Mornings offer cooler weather and give you the rest of the day to unload at your leisure. An early move will also help you to avoid heavy road traffic.
Moreover, check out the weather forecast before you start moving. Consult house movers in Melbourne to plan a hassle-free relocation, regardless of the weather.

2.  Health comes first

During a move, the scorching heat can take a toll over your health.

Here are a few ways to keep yourself active and fresh during a move:

  • Dress for the weather: Wear comfortable, breathable, and light-coloured cotton clothes to keep yourself cool throughout the day. Moreover, a hat along with sunglasses will also help when you step out.
  • Stay hydrated: To survive a summer move, be sure to drink enough water to avoid dehydration. Eat fresh fruits and vegetables with high water content such as watermelon and cucumbers.
  • Apply sunscreen: To avoid sunburns, apply sunscreen 15 minutes before you head outside.

 3. Take care of heat-sensitive items

Sensitive items like CDs, candles, and plants cannot handle the extreme heat for an extended period, especially if moving out of the state. Be extra vigilant, to protect them properly.
Avoid loading them in the hot moving truck. Instead, move them separately in an air-conditioned car or mini truck to avoid exposure to extreme heat.
Use original packing boxes for electronic items. Marking some items as heat-sensitive is a good tip to add to your moving checklist.

4. Set up utilities before the move

Imagine entering your new home burning hot. Nothing can be more miserable after moving for hours or even days.
So do yourself a favor and make your new home welcoming enough, by turning on all the utilities before the move.
For instance, ask your friend or any acquaintance to switch on the cooling system ahead of time to make your home a perfect unpacking site.

Double-check all your utilities to enjoy the comfort and warmth of your new home.

5. Hire a professional moving company

If you want to sit back in the air-conditioned room and not want to work in a hot summer, consider hiring a professional moving company in Melbourne to help you to make a smooth transition without a hitch.
A smooth move prevents heat strokes, exhaustion, or any harm to your personal belongings.
A trained and experienced crew can pack and move your stuff in a safe way. They can help you settle down in the new home as well.
Pro tip: Keep an eye on all the expenses
With the help of professional movers and by following these simple tips, you will have a pleasant moving experience. Follow them diligently.
If you are planning a move this summer, feel free to call us at 1300 223 668.
Good luck and stay cool out there! It’s very hot.

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