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April 10, 2020

By cbdmovers

Make Contactless Move with these Tips

Make Contactless Move with these 5 Tips

The world is in a daze. Covid-19 is on a crazy spree and we cannot help but quarantine. Even such a normal thing as getting groceries from your local store can pose a grave threat to your safety from the virus. In this scenario moving to a new location is nothing but an ordeal, especially when the involvement of the moving staff. The solution? The concept of “contactless”.

Since the hell that Covid-19 broke loose we’ve moved swiftly to a mindset wherein we’d do anything to keep you safe. Contactless moving is a step in this very direction. Here are 5 tips to keep yourself safe while moving during the pandemic.

5 Tips for Contactless Moving:

1.    Use Our Online Booking Platform


  • Go for online booking with all options and features available online so there is no need for any sort of human contact.
  • Do not head to the mover’s office. Understand that people are the most vital link of the chain that spreads CoronaVirus. Moving out of your house to a removalist’s booking office only fails the purpose.

2.    Package and Sort at your End

  • Pack on your own. It may sound like a great idea to have the removalist come and pack your belongings but it is not a safe call at the moment.
  • It will lessen the number of items touched time and again by you as well as the removalist staff.
  • It will also shorten the process.

3.    Precautions before and during the Move

  • Before the movers come in, sanitize your door knobs/handles, your packaged belongings and other things in the house that will be touched by them to keep them safe from virus transmission.
  • Ensure the staff’s safety even if you have to wear masks and gloves since the job cannot be done without having the movers come to your property.
  • Try leaving the main door open and not be present in the rooms where the packages lie. You will do better to be away from any direct contact.

4.  Online Payment

  • Make only online payments to avoid exchange of hands with cash. Such exchange spurs the spreading of the virus.
  • Do not use cards either. Cards can spread the virus too since it exchanges at least two pairs of hands at a time and the points of sale machines are used by multiple hands at different times.
  • Efect all the payments whatsoever through online transactions (online banking or mobile wallets).

5.    Sanitization after the Move 

  • You must sanitize all the packages before you open them and fit into your new property. That makes you doubly sure about your safety.
  • At CBD Movers we make sure that we sanitize all our equipment before we use it for you. And that also implies that we sanitise it after we have dropped your belongings at the destination.

We understand that none of us have been ready for this. This is precisely the reason why we, as a provider, pay utmost attention to hygiene and safety protocol. Nevertheless that circle of safety is complete only when you help us with your precautionary measures.

If you are planning to move, we can help you prepare for a safe move and we’re just a call away.


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