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October 15, 2020

By cbdmovers


How To Prepare Your Children For A House Move?

Moving is one of the most nerve-racking tasks if you have kids at home. They often feel neglected, powerless, and helpless when the house is turned upside down before the moving day.

Every child understands the moving process differently. For some, the cartoon design of their new bedroom is tempting enough to pack their bags, while for others, moving to a new house, society, and school is filled with anxiety, fear, and deep sorrow.

Whatever the case may be, the parents need to consider the mental state of their kids along with planning other things.
Read this article to learn the 5 tips to prepare your children for a house move so that they can easily adjust to the new surroundings.

1.Have a one-to-one conversation

Before movers and packers arrive at your home, find some time to have an open discussion with your children.

  • Provide your kids with as much information about the move as possible
  • Talk about specifics, such as changing schools, hobby classes, etc
  • Be honest with your kids
  • Be open to both positive and negative reactions
  • Avoid making false promises
  • Talk about the positives that lay ahead

A one-to-one conversation will answer many questions your kids want to ask you and will prepare them mentally for the house move.

2.   Involve them in the moving process

During this transition period, children often feel ignored and neglected.
It’s better to engage them in the house-moving process so that they personally experience what a typical move involves.
Some of the ways to involve your kids are:

  • Ask them to label the moving boxes
  • Let them wrap delicate things
  • Play games in between packing things for different rooms
  • Take them along with you for shopping for new home
  • Let them suggest changes for kids room

However, kids can’t pack the heavy and spacious furniture items. For the same, having expert furniture removers in Canberra will take off the burden from your shoulders.

3. Visit your new home together before a move

Before the moving day, take your children to your new home.
Show them the entire house, especially their bedroom. If possible, take them around  to the nearby parks, shops, or school. This is also a good opportunity for your kids to meet new neighbours and make new friends.

Plus, this can abate their anxiety about the new location and the neighbourhood. Allow them the time to adjust with the changes that come along with relocation.

4. Plan some fun activities

Want to make packing and moving a fun experience for your kids?
Look at these interesting ideas and transform the tedious process a stress-relieving activity:

  • Grab a scrapbook: Paste in some pictures of the current house, friends, neighbours, favourite restaurants, or anything that your kids like the most.
  • Packing box decoration: Collect all the supplies like colourful tape, markers, stickers, and other packing material and let your children decorate and personalise moving boxes.
  • Host a pizza party: Help your kids to host a pizza party for their friends.

5. Read books about moving

One of the best ways to prepare your young kids for moving is by reading books or telling stories about moving.
Show your kids then colourful images of moving such as moving trucks, packing material, movers, trolleys, etc.
This will connect them more to the moving process and will also help them adjust with the thought of making new beginnings.


Moving brings many changes in our life which can be unsettling for kids.
With proper planning, creativity, and by following these tips, you can easily make your kids better understand and adjust to the moving process. Request Call Back Or Call At 1300 223 668 to speak to our friendly staff member for arranging your move!
Have any other tips for preparing your child for moving? Let us know in the comment section below!

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