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March 23, 2022

By cbdmovers

Here’s Why You Need To Create A Home Inventory List

Here’s Why You Need To Create A Home Inventory List

Creating a home inventory list when you are preparing for your big move is a very smart thing to do. This is because it is very easy to forget a lot of the essential items that you want to pack at the last moment. You can also use some home inventory apps to come up with a practical list that you can follow throughout the procedure. But there are a few basics that you must be aware of as well.

First, you need to understand the importance of creating a household inventory list which is listed below:

  1. Do You Know What All You Possess?

A list is going to make you aware of what all you own and what stuff you want to get rid of. You can easily separate the items that you might want to sell off from the ones that you want to transport to your new house.

  1. Assistance In Packing

Assistance In Packing

When you have a list of the things that you want to pack, it becomes easier for you to do the needful. You can segregate the items that you want to store in a particular box with a specific type of padding. The rest can go in a container or any other folder perhaps that is more suited for those particular items. It makes it easier for you to categorize and label the boxes later.

  1. Insurance Check

Arriving at your new house and finding that some of your stuff has been damaged is not a feeling that you want to experience. Keeping a record of all your items and important cargo is going to help insurance companies in establishing your claim at a later stage. You should also include a short description of all the items that you are keeping a checklist of. Create a separate list of all the valuable items that you might have let the moving company transfer. This will further expedite your insurance claim.

  1. Helping You Unpack

Helping You Unpack

When you have moved into your new home, unpacking all your stuff will become much more practical with a list. You will know which boxes to open first and which containers contain your essential items that need to be unpacked right away. This way you can organize your unpacking schedule as per your needs and reduce a lot of your stress.

  1. Keeping Things Organized

Let’s face it, a household inventory list helps you keep things more organized. It also enables you to find whatever you need from a long line of boxes and containers. You know which box contains what items which makes it easier for you to stack your boxes in your new home as you begin unpacking each of them one by one.

  1. Reduce Clutter

Reduce Clutter

Going according to a home inventory checklist helps you reduce a lot of your clutter. If you think that something is not important enough that you would record it on your list, you can get rid of it right away. If you think that some of your items cannot be categorized under any list or head, you may just create a separate box of them and label them as miscellaneous. Mention the same on your list and you can unpack them at your convenience after you have moved into your new house.

  1. Keep Things In Your Memory

Creating a moving list helps you keep things alive in your memory. It is a reliable method to track what items have gone where and in which boxes. You do not have to remember colors or labels or post-it stamps to identify which boxes contain what items. For example, You can create a separate box for all your repair and maintenance tools such as your screwdrivers, pliers, wire cutters, and keep them color-coded. You can mention the same on your moving checklist. When you need to find them, you just have to refer to the list in your hand and that’s it.

  1. Protect Your Items

Protect Your Items

Did anyone tell you that you also have to share this list with the moving company? This is the biggest advantage of creating a list in the first place. Several copies of this list will be present with every moving personnel that you are working with. This way it will be easier to protect your items and keep everyone in the loop as to the location of all of your boxes and containers. It is also a great way to speed up your insurance claim in case of any damage that might occur in transit. 

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Tips For Doing A Home Inventory For Your Big Move

How can you create a household inventory list without a few useful tips, right? Let’s begin:

  • Separate The Big Stuff From The Small Ones

Separate The Big Stuff From The Small Ones

If you want to create a more practical list that is all-encompassing and totally descriptive, make sure to segregate all your big stuff from your small ones. Create a separate list of the big items and a separate one for the small ones.

  • Create Multiple Copies Of Your List

As mentioned above, it is very critical to create several copies of the final checklist and distribute them among your family members and the moving and packing crew as well.

  • Make A Separate Box For Your Documents

Make A Separate Box For Your Documents

You might have a lot of your papers and documents scattered across your old home. These may comprise your business-related documents or even your medical records. You must create a separate binder or folder for them and lock them up in a container and keep them in your vehicle. Put that on your list as confidential and remember to get them transferred to your new address after you have moved to your new location.

  • Pack Them One By One

Pack Them One By One

Yes, when you have a list of the items that need to be packed, you can begin unpacking them one by one. This makes it easier for you to categorize your containers and boxes and in the process, you can ensure that nothing gets left behind or misplaced during the move.

Final Thoughts

Wasn’t that easy? Creating a final moving day list to keep a record of your home inventory is an absolute must. Without this list, packing and moving all your stuff from your old house to your new home will become highly complicated and time-consuming. Hope this little piece of information proves to be helpful when you are about to move to your new home.

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