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December 31, 2021

By CBD Movers


8 Useful Tips To Protect Your House Furniture When Moving Local

You have a few extremely expensive furniture pieces. Some of them are very delicate and quite precious to you. It will be absolutely devastating for you if any harm were to come to any of those items. Therefore, it is important to protect your house furniture and several of your possessions regardless of whether you are moving locally or outside the city.

Let’s begin with a few practical tips from the leading furniture movers that can prevent these mishaps from occurring:


  1. Inventory Preparation


You will begin by preparing the furniture for the big move. You will have to separate each furniture piece from the rest of the cargo. Arrange for enough space in and around your property so that they can be moved easily without bumping into any walls or passageways. Time your move. Get rid of any obstructions in the way. Take close-up shots of your critical furniture pieces so that you can identify if any of them have any scratches or dents after you have successfully moved them to their destination.

  1. Furniture Assessment


You will also have to work with your professional furniture movers to decide what pieces to move first and what fixtures can wait. Make sure whether moving a particular furniture piece on your own is going to be practical or not. Assess their weight and height before you start moving them across your property. Count the pieces that can be moved by a single person and separate them from the ones that require additional manpower.

  1. Proper Cleaning

Proper cleaning of both your cargo and your house is very important. You have to remove all the clutter away from the furniture and the passageways that you will be using to move it out. Use a soft cloth or a duster to get rid of any abrasive particles or harmful and coarse debris that can become a hurdle when moving your stuff around.

  1. Disassembling

Several of your expensive furniture pieces can be dismantled. You just have to read the instructions manual that comes with these pieces. You will find out that the legs and hinges can be disassembled very easily. Some of your chairs and their backs can be detached without any hassle and any external assistance. The fixtures that can be disassembled should be transported only after they have been dismantled. This doesn’t only lighten your burden but also saves a lot of space on the local furniture mover’s truck/vehicle.

  1. Packing Materials

choose what the leading furniture movers advise. Go for optimum packing materials to protect the surfaces and delicate corners and edges of your expensive possessions. You can also use old sofa covers and mattresses for this purpose. Always invest in high-quality packing tape along with dependable packaging and padding materials. Bubble wrap is a great option and can do the job in the majority of situations. You can also go with corrugated cardboard boxes and other cotton-based padding materials that are ideal for practically every furniture piece that you own.

  1. Packing Methods

Just investing in the right padding and wrapping material is not going to be enough. You also have to learn the right packing and wrapping methods. You want to shield all your expensive items from any kinds of sharp and jagged edges. You may have to construct certain barriers when protecting your delicate items such as vases, crystal ware, and expensive utensils. Various affordable local moving companies put up several tutorials online to teach you how to add a layer of extra protection when transporting such goods to your new home. Go through them for more assistance.

  1. Placement Of Furniture

Placement of furniture matters a lot when moving locally. This is especially true if you have a lot of pieces that are placed adjacent to one another in the moving vehicle. You want to make sure that there is enough padding between these pieces so that they don’t collide with one another and cause unexpected damage on the way. This includes your tables, glass pieces, dressers, sofa sets, lounge chairs, and a lot more.

  1. Waterproof Furniture Covers

You should also invest in the right waterproofing for your house furniture. If you are planning a long move and you are uncertain about the weather, investing in the right waterproof padding and wrapping materials is a very clever move. This will protect your furniture from moisture, rain, mould, and mildew, polish getting washed off, and fading, sun damage, and a lot more.

At The End Of The Day

Employ the right “lift and move” method to transfer your furniture from one place to another. If you are using an enclosed vehicle, make sure to use appropriate climate control techniques as well. And remember, all of this becomes a lot easier if you have the best furniture movers by your side.

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