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April 19, 2022

By cbdmovers

7 Easy Tips To Get To Know Your New Neighbours

7 Easy Tips To Get To Know Your New Neighbours

New to the neighbourhood and looking to socialize and get to know your next doors better? It can be hard to settle down in a new place, your new job, and start over again. New friends are hard to come by, especially once we cross a certain age, and moving into a new house is a stressful affair. However, interacting and finding a trustworthy bond with new neighbours is no rocket science.

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Introduce Yourself

So simple? Well, yes. First impressions last forever and it is important to be your best self when meeting new people. Greeting your new neighbours and introducing yourself nicely is the first step in forming that ‘barbeque on the weekends’ kind of friendship. If you are naturally a shy person, you can leave a happy and welcoming note at their doorstep inviting them for a small housewarming get-together. There are so many conversation starters that you can use as well – you can also ask for help with some of your boxes while you are moving in. Kids and pets are also great gateways into a nice relationship. Maybe your kids go to the same school or maybe you can ask them about the best veterinarian in the neighbourhood.

Spending Time Outdoors

Spending time outdoors

You can meet your new neighbours on a frequent basis if you spend more time on outdoor activities. Beware! Taking a walk every day or mowing the garden once a week can lead to some serious friendships! Anyway, meeting your new neighbours isn’t all that hard. Once you see them occasionally, you can strike up a conversation. It is important to be a giving and caring member of the society you live in and while you spend time outside the house, you can pick up volunteering jobs like taking care of young plants on the pavements and compost your trash using separate bins.

Keep Your House Clean

Keep your house clean

A few days after moving into your new house, you can finally start managing everything and organising things the way you want them to be. Soon your life will fall back into place. Make sure that you don’t prove to be an inconvenience. Keep your driveway clean and your lawns mowed. If you have pets, keep them well-groomed and free of diseases. Meeting your neighbours when you move into your new house depends a lot on how you present yourself. It is important to be considerate, civic-minded, and generally aware. These are just basic things such as taking out the trash on time, donating to a neighbourhood fund (if any), participating in neighbourhood watches – taking care that your actions do not hurt those who live around you.

Host A Party

Host a party

What’s a better way to meet new people and get to know them better than a party? It doesn’t have to be grand – you are not showing off your money here. It’s just a genuine attempt to grow a supportive community around your new house. Once you’re done moving into your new house, you can start planning this party. It can be a game night or simply a housewarming kind of deal. Get snacks and beverages that fall within your budget and let the good times roll! It is important to note here that partying in the neighbourhood should not create a ruckus around the block. Make sure that you celebrate moving into your new house without hurting others. Meet new neighbours through a housewarming party and maybe invite them for a more friendly dinner after a few weeks.

Carpool To Work

You’ll certainly find someone among your new neighbours who travel to the same area you work. A very nice approach would be to invite them to carpool with you. Not only will it help you save money, it is also a great way to meet and know your new neighbours better. Carpooling is also good for the environment so it is a win-win for everyone. You can also carpool with your new neighbours when dropping your kids off at school or going to the nearby supermarket.

Organise A Garage Sale

Organize A Garage Sale

When you move into a new house, you end up with a lot of things you don’t want, especially if you are downscaling to a smaller place. Organising a garage sale is a genius way to meet new people along with getting rid of things you no longer want. You can also put out snacks and beverages for people who attend the sale. You end up making a few bucks out of it and also get to meet your new neighbours. Some of the things that you sell in the garage sale can prove to be super important for some of the new people you meet. A garage sale is just a simple and genuine way to introduce yourself to your neighbours and let them know all about you and what you do.

Ask Them For Advice

Ask them for advice

Back when Google wasn’t around, everyone would consult the yellow pages or just pop into their neighbours and ask them for directions. Moving into a new house these days is much simpler with good quality facilities available easily. However, you can ask your neighbours about stuff you don’t know about the area. Maybe you need a new plumber and Google can only give you a list. Your neighbours will give you some genuine advice because they have been staying in the area for some time now. It is also a great way to help you get started in your new house. Hire a new electrician or maybe get your driveway cleaned with the help of your awesome new neighbours.


Moving into a new house is stressful but having people around you who care about your well-being can make it all much better. Meeting your new neighbours or meeting new people, in general, might not be something that is in your comfort zone so it is okay to just take baby steps. It is a good life when you share it with those who live around you.

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