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October 19, 2020

By cbdmovers


5 Traits To Look Out For When Hiring A Moving Company in Canberra

Moving is an exciting adventure but it can also be troublesome while performing exhausting tasks such as packing, loading, and unloading.
However, there are moving companies in Canberra that can help you to have a smooth relocation.
Here, the only dilemma is finding the right moving company that can make the arduous task of moving a child’s play.

How to decide whether or not the chosen company is the right one?
Read more here to know the 5 things to look out for when hiring a moving company:

1.   Reliability

Reliability is one of the important traits to look for when hiring a moving company.
Many movers don’t provide professional services, all they do is move your stuff to get over with the job.  However, your experience would be entirely different if it’s a professional company.
Benefits of hiring a reliable moving company include

  • Your belongings are handled with utmost care and consideration
  • Excellent customer service
  • Skilled manpower to load and unload your stuff
  • Hassle-free moving experience
  • Cost and time effective services

Whether interstate or intrastate moving, having a reliable moving company that takes care of all your concerns is a huge relief.

2.   Market reputation

Moving for the first time or the nth time, trust a company that has a positive market reputation. Trusted by residential and commercial clients alike in the local market is an added advantage.
Some of the ways to determine the market reputation of the company are:

  1. Visit the website and read the customer reviews of the moving company;
  2. Check out the google reviews and ratings;
  3. Ask trusted sources for recommendations;
  4. Look for a company that has spent a decent number of years in the moving industry;
  5. Ensure that there is no criminal or fraud case registered.

Hiring a company with a good repute will ensure you a great relocating experience without a hitch.

3.   Packing supplies

Choose a company that offers high-quality packing supplies to pack your belongings, of every size and shape, safely.
Make sure that they should have the following packing and moving supplies:

  • Bubble Wrap,
  • Moving containers,
  • Moving trolley,
  • Furniture pads,
  • Tape, and more.

Trusted companies use different packing supplies and carefully handle your stuff while loading, unloading and installing them in your home.  Expensive and heavy furniture such as a piano, vintage chair, etc should be handled with utmost care.

4.   Licensed & insured

There are many bogus moving companies operating in the market.
Before hiring movers, do check all important credentials such as valid license, qualifications, and insurance policy of the moving company.
Having all the necessary documents is a strong proof that they are authorised and trained enough to do the job— packing, moving, loading and unloading.

5.   Additional services

One of the most important factors for choosing A over B moving company is if they provide value-added and all-inclusive services to the clients.
Some of the additional services most of the companies offer are:

  • Pre and post moving cleaning of the property
  • Loading and unloading assistance
  • Providing various packing supplies
  • Providing storage facilities
  • Wide fleet of trucks and carriers
  • Extra labour on hire

Most companies either include these services in their moving packages or offer them at a low rate.

In the end…

Moving is an arduous task. Don’t make it harder by making a wrong choice of the moving company.
Look for a company that takes away all the stress and hassle involved in packing and moving anywhere in the local market or to far off countries in Australia. Request Call Back Or Call At 1300 223 668 to speak to our friendly staff member for arranging your move!
Good Luck!

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