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April 1, 2021

By cbdmovers

5 Tips: Selecting The Cheapest and Best Removalists

When choosing removalists in Australian cities such as Melbourne, Canberra, and Sydney, there are many factors that come into play. There are so many different companies competing for the top spot in the country that it can confuse customers as well. Also, there is a possibility that the removalist that is perfect for you might have a few downsides for some other person. Especially in a city such as Melbourne , it can get all tangled very quickly. This is exactly why we have compiled a few points to consider before choosing the best and the most affordable option out there.

No Hidden Charges

You will come across many removalists in Melbourne that may look really affordable and cheap from the exterior but when the job is done and you receive the final invoice, you’ll be in for a surprise. Hidden taxes, duties, and charges may come as a bolt from the blue. It is so important to consider the following:

  • Always ask the person responsible for the complete pricing structure of the company and what services are chargeable and in what manner. It is important to know beforehand before entering into any sort of contact.
  • Many companies also compromise with their quality of service in order to provide cheaper packages. A middle path is sustainable and long term so go with that.
  • Obtain the complete quotation in the beginning and consult a few people you trust.

Check For Reviews Before Hiring

Check CBD Movers Reviews
Reviews and feedback on the company’s official website or social media handle can be an honest and trustworthy source of information about the company. Customers often tend to give a good critical analysis of the quality of service and the pricing model of the company. Removalists and similar industries bank on the good word of customer as an effective marketing tool:

  • Ratings and point-based reviews provide a good idea about the company in a quick glance.
  • If you have the time, you can dive in deeper and read the reviews to better understand the workings of the company.
  • Reviews are honest since the customer takes out the time to hop on to the portal and write something. Either the service is very good or not satisfactory at all if it pushed the person to go out of their way and write a review.

Licenses and Documentation

Licensed removalist in Australia

  • Another important aspect that plays a role when choosing a removalist in Australia is licensing. There are multiple licenses involved. Lifting heavy items, handling electronic goods, handling flammable items, driving a heavy vehicle; the list goes on and each of these jobs require a special license or an integrated license. To check in on the licenses that a removalist holds, you can drop a message or contact their support team. CBD Movers, for example, can be reached at 1300 223 668. You can also call this number for any other queries.
  • Documentation is a little different from licenses. Before or while availing the services of a removalist, you may come across different forms that demand certain information from you. An example might be a form that asks for a complete inventory of your house or office. Filling these forms can be cumbersome so look out for help from the support staff in this case as well.

Mode of Payments and Pricing Model

CBD Removalists payment method
Customers feel more comfortable when the invoicing is done after the job is done. Removalists in Australian cities such as Melbourne offer different pricing models. You can pay an advance amount of 25% of the total estimated cost, for example. Some companies may not charge you anything in the beginning. Again, you will need to reach out to the support team of the removalist and enquire about these things. It is always safe to pay later and using a digital mode of payment since it is quicker and more streamlined and offers a refund options


Keep in mind that:

  • The removalist does not delay the delivery of your stuff without compromising with the safety of the items.
  • On the day of the moving, punctuality plays an important role. The sooner the job begins, the better. Get done with the paperwork quickly so that the actual job may begin.
  • An average time of 3-6 days can be expected by removalists in interstate jobs in and out of Melbourne.


Moving is indeed a hectic and tiresome job. Even with the best of hands at work, you cannot sit back and relax. After all, you would want to have a say as well as supervise the operations. CBD Movers operates in Melbourne as well as other Australian cities and aims to minimise your workload as much as it can. Of course, the company does not give you unrealistic expectations and then messes up the. With a professional staff and skillful operations team, the job is done in the best way possible. Contact 1300 223 668 for a quote now.

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